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    The police knows exactly who is committing these crimes. Still nothing is being done. Their are out there every day stop cars and demanding money. How much more innocent people have to die before the police do something about it

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    The information recieve from the Cambridge police is not accurate. These monsters are in the middle of the main road everyday with a AK 47, a Shot Gun and a nine millimeter pistol. They did not rob this couple and escape. The live right there in the lane. They shot at the police several times when they drove pass the main road. Also, they were still at the scene of the 1st crime when the monsters killed the 2nd man in the lane. The police is either scared or getting compensated for their lack of action.

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    Hi Good Afternoon… my dad and I trying to fine is son/ my brother , is name is Glen Weir we don’t know if he’s alive or dead he relocate to Mobay and we don’t hear from him since anyone with info can text on this site and I’ll see thank you have a blessed year everyone be safe out there


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