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Murderous St. James

The other victims are 20-year-old Vardian Banton, otherwise called ‘Jason’ of Robert Reid Drive, Glendevon; twenty-nine-year-old Conrad Lawrence, otherwise called ‘Forty’of Belfont, Catadupa; 37-year-old Suzette Reid, vendor of Lindo’s Hill, Whithorn, Westmoreland and an unidentified man, also of Belfont.

‘The State of Emergency is not working’ – Hylton

Despite the ongoing Zones of Special Operations and the supposedly much-improved States of Public Emergency, citizens of western parishes, particularly those in St. James, continue to cower in fear, as the increased security presence appears not to be having its intended impact, with murders still occurring with some regularity.

Teen slain in Green Pond

Powell Sr. only received news of his son’s whereabouts the morning after the incident, when he was informed by a friend that his son had been fatally shot. Powell Sr. attempted to call Mark’s phone several times prior to being informed of his fate, but his calls went unanswered. It was then that he began to suspect something was amiss.

Double murder rocks Norwood

A case of reprisal seems to be the motive behind Friday’s killing of a man and a woman in Norwood, Montego Bay, St....

Couple shot in Hanover

A young woman is dead and her boyfriend battling for life in hospital following a drive-by shooting by men on motorcycle in Lances...

Eight killed in Westmoreland

Fear has gripped the parish of Westmoreland, which is now teeming with security personnel as marauding gunmen went on a rampage in the parish,...

Turf War

Highly placed police sources theorize that the killing could be in reprisal for the slaying of Matthew Whittingham of Buck Toe Lane, who was gunned down on Saturday, January 26, while having his hair groomed at a hair salon in Albion.

Boy butchers mom

Patrina McDonald (centre), in happier times, is surrounded by family members, inclusive of her two sons, one...

Security Forces launch island-wide operations

The Security Forces have launched a massive island-wide security operation aimed at reducing the crime and murder rates in a number of police divisions....

Time’s up ‘Killy Killy’

Barrington Flemming - Staff Reporter “We are going to get you Killy Killy” - words of a passionate Prime Minister Andrew Holness, as he declared...