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    1. Could the pool of officers come from “qualified for the Police Force” students unable to complete University degrees due to financial constraints?

    2. Graduates with degrees unable to find EMPLOYMENT can could add value to the Police Force?

    3. Existing students who wish to transfer to the Police Force programme?

    4.Students who owe funds but who could qualify join the Police and have income to pay back the univeristy?

    5.Can students who have made investment into the university be assured of employment and have access to housing and nutrition at reasonable costs as the Police cohort in training?

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    Hi there, I read through a few of your articles here. I did have
    a question though that I hope you could answer.
    I was wondering, What are some unofficial perks of being a police
    officer? I just got out of highschool and I’m thinking of becoming
    a cop. I would really appreciate any help you could
    give me!


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