Businessman Killed

Donavon Coslay

Craig Oates

Murder figures have begun to climb in the parish of Hanover with the killing of a businessman on Monday, sending shockwaves across the fishing village of Sandy Bay.

The deceased is 50year-old Donavon Coslay of Big Well, Lucea, Hanover, whose death brings to two the number of persons killed in the parish since the start of the year.

Reports are that Coslay was sitting at the entrance of his business place, a meat shop located at a plaza in Sandy Bay, when he was approached by two men armed with guns who opened fire at him. 

Coslay reportedly ran into his shop and tried to close the door behind him, but the men followed and shot him several times before escaping on foot.

He was later transported to the Noel Holmes Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

One resident who was at the scene, in the aftermath of the killing, commented: 

“Is wah really a gwaan? A just di odda day, dem shoot another man right here. Dem man ya nuh easy and dem shooting yah a mek we get very afraid.”

Coslay’s death comes hot on the heels of the killing of 43-year-old bus operator, Carl Amberley of Greenland, Lucea.

Reports from the Lucea police are that shortly after 10p.m., last Wednesday night, Amberley had finished working for the day and parked his bus before sharing a drink with friends at a shop.

He was reportedly approached by two men, one of whom exchanged harsh words with him. Both men brandished knives and stabbed him multiple times. The men then fled.

Officers from the Lucea Police Station, who were alerted, rushed to the scene and transported Amberley to the Noel Holmes Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Hanover is one of three parishes in Western Jamaica under a State of Emergency, the others being Westmoreland and St. James.


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