Traffic restrictions for Falmouth

Minister of Local Government Minister, Desmond McKenzie (right) and Mayor of Falmouth, Colin Gager, as they address the traffic situation in Falmouth at a recent council meeting

Shamir Brown – Correspondent

In light of the traffic challenges now facing the town of Falmouth, Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Desmond McKenzie, is recommending changes to current systems to address the problem.

Speaking at a council meeting in Falmouth recently, the Minister remarked that Falmouth has undergone a transformation due to increased development and, which has caused increased traffic from both vehicles and pedestrians in such a small space.

He notes what has to be looked at seriously is the restriction of vehicular traffic in certain sections of the town, whether for the holidays, or on a more permanent basis. He further shared that the council is within its right to do that and believes that it is something that should be explored in the quest to solve the traffic woes in the town of Falmouth.

McKenzie related that currently, several towns are facing similar challenges, owing to persons moving into the town areas for work and other reasons, thereby contributing to growing traffic problems. “I don’t know how much policing can help but what we need to start doing is redesigning towns and moving some activities outside of the town centres,” he shared.

In recent times, the town of Falmouth has seen its traffic situation grow to challenging sizes, especially on Wednesdays during the Bend Down Flea Market. It’s with this in mind that the Trelawny Municipal Corporation has adopted new strategies to deal with this during the festive season.

Come December 17, as a result of the traffic problems, drivers will have to adjust their routes as they try to traverse the town of Falmouth until January 5, 2020, according to Mayor Colin Gager.  Speaking at the council meeting on Thursday, the Mayor remarked that Wednesdays have become particularly chaotic and therefore, having seen the challenges, the decision was taken to make some changes to the road network to allow for a smoother flow of traffic in the town.

The changes will see most of the heavily used Market Street being set as a single lane thoroughfare coming into the town to better deal with the challenges associated with the market. There will also be changes along King Street and Georges Street to deal with traffic coming into the town and also flowing in the opposite direction. No traffic will be allowed on Tharpe Street and parking will only be allowed on one side of Market Street for the period.

Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Desmond McKenzie, who was in attendance at the meeting, also revealed that he was in agreement with the move.


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