‘Please come home, mommy loves you’

13-year-old Tishana Baker
  • Distraught mother pleads with teen daughter

Barrington Flemming – Staff Reporter

“Tishana, please come home, mommy loves you! Mommy will not hurt you!”, the impassioned plea from a distraught mother, Tishia Thorpe, who has not been eating and has been ‘crying a river’ of tears, hoping that her 13-year-old daughter, Tishana Baker, returns home to her at their Love Lane residence in Montego Bay.

“I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, every time I try to put food at my mouth, I can’t eat. I’m thinking about her. My heart is full, I just want to see my daughter,” said Thorpe.

The 13-year-old went missing on Friday, June 7, when she fled from a moving vehicle in which her mother and herself were passengers, and has not been seen or heard from since.

A tearful Miss Thorpe related that two Wednesdays ago, Tishana had complained that her shoes needed to be replaced, so she left her daughter at home and went to purchase a new pair of shoes for her, only to realize when she returned home that Tishana was not there.

“It was not until Friday that she came home and they locked her in the house until I got home. I decided to take her to the police station. So, we were in the bus, I was in the front seat and she was in the back. I was so frightened when she opened the door and jumped from the moving vehicle. I went to the gully (North Gully/ William Street) area where she ran to, but I did not see her. I took a picture back to the police station but have not seen her since.”


Thorpe said her daughter is a disobedient child, doing things that she as a mother does not support or uphold, and this has caused the relationship between them to be strained.

“She cannot manage the discipline that I stand for, so I believe that is why she is out there because she wants to do her own things and I will not allow her to have her own way,” she explained.

This is not the first time that Tishana has gone missing, as Thorpe further explained.

“She and her sister were not behaving the way they were supposed to. They were having serious attitude problems.  She went away before and she, along with her elder sister, were eventually put in a place of safety for a month.”

Thorpe laments that while the sister has changed and is now behaving well, it is Tishana who is posing a serious challenge for her.

She explained that a probation officer has spoken with Tishana but she has seemingly dismissed all that was said to her and is doing her own thing.

 Thorpe, who says she is a mother of nine (one has predeceased her), with Tishana being the last girl, works and operates a shop to take care of her children. She said the Child Protection and Family Services agency assists her with the maintenance of the children as the father, who is self-employed, does not take care of his children.

In her final appeal, she is urging whomsoever has Tishana in their care or to whom she has gone to:

“Please, I can’t take this anymore. My head is hurting, my eyes are hurting, I can’t manage this anymore. Take her to the police or take here to me, her mother. I love my daughter I only want the best for her.  I won’t be comfortable until l I see Tishana. Come home to me please, I love you.”


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