Hacked to death


Barrington Flemming – Staff Reporter

A family is reeling in grief after one of their loved ones was brutally hacked to death on Saturday in Hendon, Glendevon, Montego Bay.

A mother and son are in police custody after turning themselves in to the police following the incident.

The victim is 35-year-old Jermaine Streete, who is said to have been suffering with mental health issues and at the time of death, was on medication.

Reports from the Montego Hills Police are that about 10:30 a.m., Streete is reported to have broken the window of his neighbour’s house (husband and wife).

The neighbours and another man allegedly armed themselves with machetes and proceeded to Streete’s house where they inflicted several machete wounds to his upper body and then fled the scene.

Relatives later stumbled upon Streete lying on the ground and called the police. He was taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

However, Jermaine’s uncle, Oneil, said his nephew has been a mental patient for years undergoing treatment from the out-patient clinic of the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

He said they are constantly calling the hospital to send ambulance for Jermaine to take him there but was always told they do not have an ambulance. He also visited the Montego Hills police but was told that it was not their responsibility, but that of the hospital.

“Jermaine was on a 24-hour watch because when the illness is triggered, he attacks a particular person, not verbally but does damage to the house or premises. We have recompensed the person twice for the damage and we try to keep him away from that house and family,” he said.

According to the uncle, he received a call from his brother that the neigbours said Jermaine had broken two window panes, and he advised his brother that he would deal with it when he got home.

 He said he took his parents home and left them with Jermaine and went to the Montego Hills Police to summon them to come with him to the scene.

“It was upon my arrival home with the police that I got the shock of my life. There was a chop to the neck. You could see straight into his chest and other chop wounds and blood everywhere. So, we took him to hospital and he died there” he explained. “We tried our best to keep him away from trouble and to protect him. We wanted him committed, but it didn’t work out. So, now we are traumatized.”


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