Strategies to boost your business on social media


What are the best strategies to boost your business with social media?

Social media is growing in popularity as it has become the “go-to” option for effective marketing. In the U.S. especially, a large percentage of businesses use social media as a major marketing platform. However, how does this apply to businesses in Jamaica? Well, social media is now being considered as a marketing tool as more and more business owners discover its usefulness and relevance. As we revolutionize the way we reach our target audience, it is imperative that you know how to make social media marketing work for you.

In this article, we will explore five strategies for using social media to boost your business this year as well as the relevant tools to assist you in doing so.

  1. Know your customers and competitors on social media.

Access to comprehensive data on your competitors and target market is of paramount importance when it comes to successful marketing. This involves knowing your target audience, what you’re competitor’s have brewing in their cauldron of ideas and where your market is aiming at. This information will fuel the possibility of creating better marketing strategies and marketing decisions altogether.You may be wondering, “How will I get this information?”

Through monitoring specific conversations taking place online, you can learn several things based on your own focus. In fact, by using one of the top social listening tool, Sentione(Forbes 2019),you can to monitor keywords across the web and social media, find influencers, gain more knowledge on your audience and conduct market research. There are several other tools with similar features, however, A good social listening strategy enables you to:

  • Monitor your brand name, zone in on discussions that make mention of your brand and join the conversation whenever a potential client is looking into your product or customer service implications.
  • Keep tabs on competitors so you are able to comprehend what their digital marketing is, its effectiveness, the population of their audience and the types of content they produce.
  • Discover better influencers for collaboration which involves monitoring certain audiences and keywords in order to source the best influencers in that niche.
  • Comprehend the personality of your audience, their geographical location, the hashtags and keywords they frequently use, their preferred content and so on.
  • Thoroughlyassess the emotional reactions of consumers/customers/clients (choose most appropriate word) to measure the success of a campaign.
  • Build conversation by using charismaticvideos for advertisement on Facebook.

Videos remain a cut above the rest as it regards to click through rates and conversions. Among the trends that help tocreate a strongeronline presence is personalization. Customers prefer personalized content and thus gravitate towards it more reaulting in consistently increasing conversion rates and sales. Therefore, Facebook now allows you to make Dynamic Ads which aid in delivering personalized ad experiences through videos. I am certain you may have seen these videos while browsing through Facebook during your lunch hour at work. However, to make the most of this tool you must have data on your audience to make a personalized ad more “personal”. You can also check out Idomoo, aFacebook marketing partner with features that helpyou to create these ads.

  • Transform your employees into brand ambassadors

Now, this strategy is unique to the previous strategies mentioned. It entails increasing brand awareness and producing better results through the representation of the company’s messageby employees. This type of promotion can have an enormous impact on website traffic and social media engagement as they will essentially be using their platform to build yours.

To develop an employee advocacy campaign it is important that you consider the following strategies:

  • Motivate your team to share your content and develop a company culture that is built on this form of advocacy which will further encourage their enthusiasm.
  • Give guidelines to avoid any harm to the company’s reputation and to also avoid  the sharing of misleading information.
  • Ensure an efficient and user friendly system is implemented to facilitate employees carrying out these tasks. Having such a system in place will ensure that content is easily accessible and will make it easier to monitor what is shared thus reducing the likelihood of misrepresentation.

Smarp is a platform that facilitates employee engagement and advocacy through an internal content hub that has all the relevant information needed and more.

  • Highlight your branding on Social Media without a designer.

So far, we have explored three strategies to boost your business on social media and we will now zone in on branding, social media branding in particular. It’s vastly known that visual content results in greater engagement on social media but it may be detrimental if the visual content does not match your brand.

For your content to earn the trust needed by your target audience, social media channels should be consistent in developing one specific branded visual language. It should be meticulously designed and in alignment with your brand identity. Though it can be a definite challenge with the absence of the aid of a graphic designer, if you need assistance with this process it may be wise to check out PromoRepublic which helps you to create these branded visuals with a wide variety of features. In the world of business, research is always a relevant option if you want great results.

  • One on One Action, reach out to your audience.

The final strategy I will cover is customer engagement which involves reaching out to your audience with a one on one approach. It helps you build your knowledge of the customers and shorten the sales cycle thus, improving conversions. Furthermore, it helps to build rapport which is essential in customer rentention. This strategy can be effectively performed by sending targeted messages with consistency and in real time. However, how can you keep in-touch with your customers when you’ve managed to lead them right on to your websites?

Well, Drift is a conversational marketing platform that can be used as a means of keeping the conversation going.

There are so many ways to make social media marketing work for you but ultimately, you need to find the right recipe to cook up success in building your business and keeping competitors on their knees (you mean toes right?). Through experimenting with new strategies, utilizing data effectively and constant optimization of your approach, you will be better able to leverage social media platforms to the advancement of your business. Considering that social media is quickly becoming a preferred marketing platform worldwide, Jamaica shouldn’t be far behind in filling that missing link in the global chain. The tools are available and accessible so with some research and consistency you could just be a click away from business success through social media marketing.

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