St. James killings

Kevin Lindo

Barrington Flemming – Staff Reporter

  • Murder-accused, bread vendor victims

Mystery shrouds the death of a murder-accused and a teenage bread vendor, whose lives were gushed out in separate incidents in St James.

The dead men have been identified as 19-year-old Kevin Lindo, bread vendor of McCatty Street and Odane Nesbeth, otherwise called ‘Prince’, a carpenter of Content, district, Adelphi, both in St. James.

A man has been taken into police custody in connection with Nesbeth’s death, however, his identity is being withheld pending further investigations.

About 12:50 Thursday morning, Lindo reportedly drove from his house on McCatty Street to purchase a cup of soup at the nearby Clock Tower area of Barnett Street in Montego Bay. Upon his return home, he was about to park the vehicle when he was pounced upon by unknown assailants who opened gunfire at him.

Lindo was reportedly shot twice in the upper body. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, the Adelphi Police report that the burnt body of Nesbeth, who is a murder-accused in the July 2017 death of 14-year-old Jordane Blackwood and was out on bail, was discovered by residents in Adelphi on Wednesday.

Nesbeth was last seen in the community on Monday about 8p.m. and when he was not seen on Tuesday, a number of residents went in search of him about 7:30 a.m on Wednesday when they stumbled upon his partially burnt body with chop wounds, in bushes in the community and summoned the police.

Nesbeth was jointly charged along with five other men, Jahreme Shelton, Norval Christopher, Odane Christopher, Renaldo Lee and Kashief Gilbert for the July 29, 2017 death of 14-year-old Jordaine Blackwood of Rose Heights, Montego Bay.

The men were charged with murder and wounding, stemming from the death of the teenager and the injuring of another man.

The allegations are that on July 29, 2017, Blackwood and another man were accused of stealing a firearm belonging to the ‘Buss Head Gang’ of which the six accused were members.

It is further alleged that Blackwood and the other man were beaten, during which Blackwood was shot to death. The other man managed to escape.

Nesbeth, who was offered bail and instructed to report to the police daily and to keep away from Rose Heights, was due to return to court along with the other five men on September 26 to answer to the charges


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