Constable Rohan Bucknor

Sunday night’s killing of a police constable in Petersfield, Westmoreland has been met with condemnation by both the police high command and the Minister of National Security.

The dead cop is 41-year-old Rohan Bucknor, who was stationed at the Little London police station and resided at Hartford in the parish.

Reports are that Constable Bucknor was sitting in a barber shop about 9:30 p.m., getting a haircut and speaking with the barber who owns the shop, when a lone gunman entered and opened fire, hitting him in the upper body.

He ran through the back door and fell outside, while the gunman made good his escape. Constable Bucknor, who was rushed to hospital by the police who responded, was pronounced dead on arrival.

Constable Bucknor’s death comes two and half years after he shot and killed his brother, 37-year-old Mark Bernard, at Hatfield, Westmoreland.

Bucknor, who was off-duty at the time, went to visit family and an argument developed between him and Bernard over a SIM card, at which time he pulled his licensed Glock 9mm pistol and fired one shot, hitting Bernard in the head.

Bucknor, who drove himself to the police station, was last year freed of the charges.

Reacting to the murder of Constable Bucknor, security minister Dr. Horace Chang and the police high command have condemned the brazen attack and urged police officers to remain vigilant in light of attacks against the police in vulnerable situations.

Dr. Chang, in a statement, said the attack on an active off-duty police officer is of great concern, adding that it would not deter the crime-fighting efforts of the police in Westmoreland.

“Elements in the society determined to disrupt law and order and cause fear and panic will not be tolerated. This incident will not be allowed to impair the fight against crime in the parish of Westmoreland,” he said.

Mr. Chang said the officers will re-double their resolve to bring these unsavory, criminal elements to justice.

The police high command in the meantime has pledged to conduct a thorough investigation in order bring those responsible to justice.

The high command said with the threat level against police officers remaining high, it is urging officers to remain vigilant and take swift and decisive action to protect themselves and their families.

Anyone with information that can assist investigators is being asked to contact the Westmoreland Criminal Investigations Branch (CIB) at 955-2758, Police 119 Emergency Number, Crime Stop at 311 or the nearest Police Station.



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