Flanker unveils new Training Institute

A representative from Ward’s Power Tools and Supplies, Shanice Lewis (3rd from right) presents a laptop to the Flanker Skills Training Institute on behalf of one of the Directors of the institute, Howard Ward (absent). Sharing in the moment are (from left to right) Coordinator of the institution Tanya Petgrave, Councillor for the Flanker Division, Senator Charles Sinclair, Directors Leslie Smile, Christopher Hylton and Reverend Desmond Brackett. -Phillip Green photo

Sashane Shakes

Councillor for the Flanker Division, Senator Charles Sinclair, stressed the importance of being certified at the official opening of the Flanker Skills Training Institute on Monday, May 7, 2018, at the Flanker Multipurpose Centre.

The newly opened institute, dubbed the brainchild of the Member of Parliament for North West St. James and the Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang and Senator Charles Sinclair, Councillor for the Flanker Division, is an initiative to provide training opportunities for persons living within the Flanker community and surrounding areas.

Senator Sinclair announced that the HEART Trust National Training Agency (NTA), which has several institutions in St James, has expanded by partnering with this venture.

He emphasized that the programme will provide the students that have successfully completed their courses with certificates, as with the aim to be a single market, there is the need to be certified which will help with seeking and securing jobs locally and internationally.
“Work hard and diligent and give of your best because only that is good enough,” he encouraged. “Getting yourself certified and marketable is your voluntary participation,” he added.

The Councillor lauded the government for ensuring that job opportunities are on the increase and will continue as such, considering the recent announcements that more flights are scheduled to arrive in Jamaica. This, he surmised, will ultimately mean an increase in the tourist arrival hence the relevance of the training programme.

The training programme offers skills in the area of Bartending, Housekeeping and Hosting with all trainees being exposed to Communication Skills, Numeric Skills, Computer Skills, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship and Spanish. Plans are being made to increase the offerings to include Landscaping and Heavy Duty Equipment and Maintenance.

With a current enrollment of 65 students, the training institute officially opened on April 16, 2018. Approximately 90% of trainees are from within the community, the other 10% are from surrounding communities; Norwood, Barrett Town, Mount Salem and Salt Spring.
Senator Sinclair said that the training institute is part of the solution to the crime dilemma that has led to the ongoing State of Emergency in St James.


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