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Fear grips Hopewell

Second man killed in three days Barrington Flemming - Staff Reporter Fear now grips the community...

Electrician shot dead

Gunmen shot and killed a man in the community of Glendevon on Saturday, as gun crimes continue to dominate the crime profile of the parish, which has seen 82 murders since the start of the year, 24 more than the 58 recorded for the corresponding period last year.

Who killed Nichola?

With the police still trying to piece together the circumstances surrounding the deathof 39-year-old Nichola Campbell, the close-knit family of management and staff at Jerky’s Bar and Grill, Fairview Shopping Centre, Montego Bay, are still reeling as the impact of her loss continues to be felt at the company.

Teen slain in Green Pond

Powell Sr. only received news of his son’s whereabouts the morning after the incident, when he was informed by a friend that his son had been fatally shot. Powell Sr. attempted to call Mark’s phone several times prior to being informed of his fate, but his calls went unanswered. It was then that he began to suspect something was amiss.

Couple shot in Hanover

A young woman is dead and her boyfriend battling for life in hospital following a drive-by shooting by men on motorcycle in Lances...

Fatal friendship

“The one who later killed him,” a tear-choked Stennett said, “I remembered his name because my son spoke about him to me before – that he had been going through some challenges at home or something like that.”

Boy butchers mom

Patrina McDonald (centre), in happier times, is surrounded by family members, inclusive of her two sons, one of...


A December 14 sentencing date has been set for two men who were last week convicted in the Hanover Circuit Court for the October...

Taxi operator gunned down

Crime fighters in St. James are still to establish a motive for the brazen daylight murder of 51-year-old taxi operator, David Hylton, of lot...

Promoter murdered

Barrington Flemming- Staff Reporter Social media platforms, especially Facebook, continue to ‘blow up’ as tributes pour in for popular dancer and female promoter, 37-year-old...