Tragedy at Westgate Hills

Vince Marsh
  • Boy crushed by falling gate

Barrington FlemmingStaff Reporter

A parent’s worst nightmare was realized on Friday, July 19, when tragedy struck in a freak accident which claimed the life of 12-year-old Vince Marsh at his Mountain View, Westgate Hills, home in St. James.

Reports indicate that about 2p.m., Marsh’s father, Vernon, was about to drive from his home to downtown Montego Bay, when Vince offered to open the gate for him.

Mr. Vernon was about to drive from the garage when he heard a disconcerting sound outside and went to investigate. There he found his son lying on the concrete pavement, with portions of a crumbled wall and a section of the large metal gate on his head.

Vince was rushed to hospital but subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

Pictured here is what remains of the ill-fated gate which claimed the life of Vince Marsh

Residents of Westgate Hills, relatives, friends and well-wishers from his former school, DMP Academy; gathered at the Marsh’s home on Monday night for a candlelight vigil as they offered solace to a family deeply wounded by the loss of a brilliant, talented boy who offered much promise.

Kereen Dawkins, President of the Westgate Hills Community Development Committee, in an interview with the Western Mirror shared that Vince was a brilliant, well-loved boy who had just completed his first year at Kingston College after leaving DMP.


His parents, who were in the process of having him transferred to the Herbert Morrison Technical High School when the unthinkable occurred, are said to be too distraught to speak. 

He had returned home but was due to return to Kingston to complete the final week of Summer School, before starting the new school year at Herbert Morrison.

“Vince had returned from Kingston to Montego Bay and his parents were in the process of having him transferred from Kingston College to Herbert Morrison Technical High School. He was highly intelligent beyond his years and very talented and was a member of the science club and other clubs at Kingston College, where they anticipated great things from him,” Dawkins shared.

Vince was described as eloquent and inspirational, having a positive influence on those with whom he came in contact with.

Dawkins says the community is rocked by the tragedy but is prepared to offer any assistance required. She explained that Vince was born in the United States and plans are already in place for his body to be flown there for a funeral service.

“We as a community are rallying around this family, standing with them in this monumental tragedy. So,while he will be buried overseas, we are planning a memorial service to celebrate the life of this promising star”.


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