“I will not change to please Babylon system” – Changa Changa

Changa Changa

Alan Lewin/MGN

If Changa Changa is to be taken at his words, come July 31 –   the set date for his court appearance, the longtime MoBay entertainer will show up to court, not in a suit (as he was instructed to by lawmen), but in his usual banana balk style fashion wear. “You must come to court on July 31,” Changa Changa was told by the officers who arrested him, but Changa Changa is not inclined to hearing those words. He instead shares that he will not be “bowing to Babylon system”, as his current dress code has been constant for the last 30 years.

Just how did Changa Changa come to be in trouble with the law? It all happened on Friday, July 12. Following a conversation between himself and popular radio personality, Ron Muschette, he was walking along a section of Kent Avenue, on his journey to Sunset Boulevard (now Godfrey Dyer Boulevard), when he saw and was approached by two policemen.

Changa Changa was asked for a search by one of the officers, to which he obliged. He was further asked to declare whether or not he had any illegal items or substances on him, which he denied. The lawmen’s search, according to Changa Changa, turned up nothing illegal. At that point, he was asked for a strip search, which he passionately refused. “I don’t sell drugs and I don’t pimp the tourists. The police want to make a mockery out of me. Everybody know me as a entertainer, I’m not no wrongdoer, so why di police waa abuse my human rights?” Changa Changa quizzed.

“Me not into no strip search, yuh waa embarrass me, and I will take none of that!” Changa Changa recalls saying to the lawmen, who at that point, he shared, started manhandling him. He was shortly after arrested and brought to the Barnett Street Police Station, where he was charged for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. Changa Changa was granted bail in the sum of $30,000, which a family member took up. It was then that he was informed that his court appearance dress code had to conform to “normal” attire, which the seasoned entertainer has no idea of conforming to. His first step to ensuring that may have been his recent acquisition of the services of attorney-at-law, Charles Sinclair Jr., for July 31 court date.

Christened Robert Lee Young, Changa Changa is a past student of the Herbert Morrison Technical High School, and has been a DJ for nearly 40 years now. People may recognize him from his many stage show appearances, but perhaps none more than his appearance on the popular Digicel Rising Stars competition. He has also released his songs, ‘Walk Out Like Changa’, ‘Kind To Animal’ and ‘A Just Changa’. Changa Changa hails from the community of Flanker, and occasionally sells fruits to earn a daily income.


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