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Fairfield Theatre says ‘Thank You’


No one had to recite lines but there was intermittent prompting. Despite thunderous afternoon showers, there was a fair turnout of invitees, comprising a mix of veterans and young members and supporters.

It was a social night at the Fairfield Theatre. Douglas Prout having exited centre stage and passed the baton to Inlen Johnson, last Sunday, the new chairman hosted a ‘thank you’ party for friends and sponsors of the theatre over the years.

Proute who now resides abroad, flew in for the event and paid tribute to members of the theatre who have passed on.

Certificates of appreciation and plaques were presented to several persons who have served the theatre from its origins as the Montego Bay Little Theatre Movement (MLTM) under the direction of President-emeritus Paul Methuen.

Johnson said: “We are trying our best to put it back on the right footing; we have a lot of hard work but with your help, we will be able to do better.” She promised that “we will take it to the highest level and make it one of the best entertainment centres in western Jamaica.”

The evening was blessed by Dr. Doris Channer-Watson and the audience entertained with a song, ‘God and God Alone’ by Odaine Thomas.

Certificates were presented to past chairmen Diane Girvan, Dr. Albert Walker and Lloyd B. Smith, as to stage personalities Robert Mallasch, Fabian Thomas, Phillip Clarke, Mervin Whittingham, Makeda Solomon, David Tulloch, Betty-Mae Lawrence, Tony Rodney, Vincent Bishop and Norma Lara. Awards were also presented to the top young male and female Fairfield actors, Sean Rodney and Denesha Watson. 

Recognition for dedicated service went to Fagan Calvert, Ann Miles, Dr. H.A. ‘Marco’ Brown, Gary Dyer, Sandra Mattis, Angela Graham, Michael Chen, Lorna Alvaranga and Leonie Dewar.