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Ready, set, go! But…

Barrington Flemming - Staff Reporter A new school year begins today with the Ministry of Education (MOE) Region Four, beaming...

Guns, Drugs and Car Chase

Police-mounted roadblocks, multiple vehicles destroyed in a car chase, and men firing high-powered weapons at the police from an out-of-control Freightliner truck may all sound like parts of an action-packed Hollywood script, but it is the sum of events that led to the arrest of four men on drug-related charges, after they were chased along the Water Wheel main road, Cave district, Westmoreland, last Tuesday.

Four blind women, one act of Kindness

Last year, a family in Crowder district, Westmoreland, was thrust into the national spotlight after a mysterious phenomenon saw a mother and her three daughters all losing their sights. Despite the national attention, the family was still left to fend for itself in heartbreaking fashion, stumbling their way through their new realities, until last Thursday, July 25.

Most Wanted Killed

Time ran out on Westmoreland’s Most Wanted, the elusive Dushane Allen, otherwise called, ‘Nigel’ or ‘Dasheen’of Bethel Town, Westmoreland, when he was cut down in a hail of bullets during a confrontation with a military team along Long Hill road in St. James on Sunday.


Bertel Moore, Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar, has raised the red flag over what he says is the deplorable condition of the emergency room and a serious problem of overcrowding at the Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital in Westmoreland.

Teen charged with murder

Teenage boys have shot to the limelight in Westmoreland with a 17-year-old formally charged for murder and a 16-year-old charged for illegal possession of firearm mere hours apart.

Peace marches; crime rises

Investigators called to the scene of a three-person stabbing incident in Negirl, Westmoreland, saw 26-year-old dancer Deandra Adamson, of Cuffie’s Pen, Lacovia, St. Elizabeth, succumbing to injuries she sustained after turning down the advance of a man in a night club.

Eight killed in Westmoreland

Fear has gripped the parish of Westmoreland, which is now teeming with security personnel as marauding gunmen went on a rampage in the parish,...

Jilted lover fires back

Shoots dead one, seriously wounds another Gunshots rang out Friday night, shattering the relative calm in the Glendevon community...

Quadruple murder suspect killed

A man classified as one of the suspects in the quadruple murder of three brothers and a spouse of one of the brothers in...