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Flanker all the way

Noelita Lawrence-Ricketts Adrian Peart’s towering header was enough to for Flanker United as they strolled to the St. James...

Guns, Drugs and Car Chase

Police-mounted roadblocks, multiple vehicles destroyed in a car chase, and men firing high-powered weapons at the police from an out-of-control Freightliner truck may all sound like parts of an action-packed Hollywood script, but it is the sum of events that led to the arrest of four men on drug-related charges, after they were chased along the Water Wheel main road, Cave district, Westmoreland, last Tuesday.

Western Gala to rival Kingston’s

Some 12 million dollars will be spent this year to stage the inaugural Western Gala in observance of Emancipation and Independence celebrations.

Gunmen take off with $25M

The Trelawny Police have enlisted the support of the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Division, as they step up their probe into the armed robbery of $25 million dollars from a group of subcontractors at Emancipation Drive, Duncan Hills, Trelawny, last Thursday, July 25.

itelbpo invests in career advancement of agents

Up to 2018 the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry contributed $1.7 billion to Jamaica’s economy and employed some 32,000 people. While a majority of employees in the industry are customer service or sales agents, others have been able to successfully advance along career paths that lead to managerial and support roles.

Four blind women, one act of Kindness

Last year, a family in Crowder district, Westmoreland, was thrust into the national spotlight after a mysterious phenomenon saw a mother and her three daughters all losing their sights. Despite the national attention, the family was still left to fend for itself in heartbreaking fashion, stumbling their way through their new realities, until last Thursday, July 25.

Knights, Saints finale

Noelita Lawrence-Ricketts The battle for the Western Basketball Association Elite League title tips off today, Wednesday, July 24, with...

‘HF’ Smith- ‘The best principal’

On Thursday, June 18, 2019, an appreciation ceremony designed to commemorate the vibrant legacy of achievements and contributions of Hubert F. Smith, former principal of Vaughnsfield Primary and Anchovy High Schools, was held.

Woman gets nine months for hiding son on Most Wanted list

A St. James woman was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment in the St. James Parish Court on Tuesday, July 23, after she was found guilty of hiding her son who was placed on the St. James Most Wanted list.

The Elusive Four

The men who have been featured on the police’s radar are: Lascelles Wright, otherwise called ‘Byah’ or ‘Stella’, of Tyre district in Trelawny, Rayon Russell of Felicity Road in Montego Bay, St James, Renard Gayle, otherwise called ‘CJ’, of Hague, Trelawny and Nickell Pinnock of West Road, Kingston 12.