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Shynetyme and LA Lewis set to collaborate

LA Lewis, the man known for his many iconic moments on, and even before the prominence of social media, has taken an interest in Montego Bay-born female DJ, Nordia Noble, more popularly known as Shynetyme

PSOJ demands crime plan

The imposition of States of Emergency is not seen by the powerful Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) as good enough to battle the scourge of crime. PSOJ President Howard Mitchell, is demanding a crime plan.

Jovexx’s meteoric rise

His talent is undeniable, and though most will not forget him after his debut performance on that big stage come July 20, the Western Mirror takes pleasure in introducing the West to what may very well be the next big thing to come out of Montego Bay.

Bleachers exiled

Recently, in a letter supposedly issued by administrators of the Irwin High School in St. James and addressed to parents/guardians, students who were found guilty of skin bleaching were being asked to stay at home – away from the classroom – until their “original complexion” returned. The PNPYO caught wind of the now highly publicized issue and, in a statement to the Western Mirror, are shunning the actions of the school administrators, claiming, among other things, that the letter infringes on the UN Convention’s Rights of the Child to education.


Western Jamaica continues to bleed, amidst cries from some quarters that the State of Emergency imposed on the region over a month ago, is ineffective.

Negril entertains despite SOE

Michael Nattoo/Alan Lewin The State of Public Emergency, while its effects are far-reaching, has not quite had a dampening...

More students benefit from Hanover Charities

Hanover Charities has provided a big boost for the educational pursuits of a number of students in the parish.

‘The State of Emergency is not working’ – Hylton

Despite the ongoing Zones of Special Operations and the supposedly much-improved States of Public Emergency, citizens of western parishes, particularly those in St. James, continue to cower in fear, as the increased security presence appears not to be having its intended impact, with murders still occurring with some regularity.

Teen slain in Green Pond

Powell Sr. only received news of his son’s whereabouts the morning after the incident, when he was informed by a friend that his son had been fatally shot. Powell Sr. attempted to call Mark’s phone several times prior to being informed of his fate, but his calls went unanswered. It was then that he began to suspect something was amiss.

‘Please come home, mommy loves you’

The 13-year-old went missing on Friday, June 7, when she fled from a moving vehicle in which her mother and herself were passengers, and has not been seen or heard from since.