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Gunmen take off with $25M

The Trelawny Police have enlisted the support of the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Division, as they step up their probe into the armed robbery of $25 million dollars from a group of subcontractors at Emancipation Drive, Duncan Hills, Trelawny, last Thursday, July 25.

Residents up protests against Cockpit Country mining

Residents in and around the parish of Trelawny came together on Monday to increase their lobby against the proposed mining of sections of the Cockpit Country.The participants in the action are adamant that they are totally against the operations set for September and are calling on the government to rescind the go-ahead given to Noranda to mine the area deemed as Special Mining Lease173. They gathered in the southern Trelawny town of Albert Town, where persons sought to bring awareness to the challenges that they foresee will become associated with the planned mining exercise.

Trelawny solid waste transfer station gets approval

Executive Director of the NSWMA, Audley Gordon, says that the station will serve as an area where trucks can deposit solid waste prior to being loaded onto larger vehicles and transported to designated disposal sites.

Trelawny’s hotel stock rising

Currently, Trelawny has over a thousand rooms, but the Minister disclosed that Trelawny will fall only behind St James when the proposed work comes to fruition.

Shock and anger

“We are deeply saddened and extremely upset about the loss of our colleague and we are disturbed by the length of time it took to find him and for us to even get to this point. We know that his soul cannot rest in peace until his killer or killers are found,” the attorney said.

Whistle blower silenced

Michael Nattoo - Staff Reporter Taxi driver allegedly killed for outing cheating husband A man who reportedly blew the whistle on an alleged extramarital affair...

Businesswoman, attacker killed

The police hierarchy in Area One has launched a top-level probe into last Friday’s gun attack on a Trelawny businesswoman resulting in her death...

Murders a challenge for Trelawny police

Shamir Brown - Trelawny Correspondent McKenzie wants collective approach to deal with issue Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Desmond McKenzie, is of the view...

Dengue watch in Trelawny

Sashane Shakes The Trelawny Health Department has moved to ramp up its vector control and prevention programme to stave off the dreaded Dengue Fever, which...

Student wins Trelawny Festival Queen

Shamir Brown Trelawny will be represented at this year’s National Festival Queen Competition by Abreena Redden after she walked away with the parish crown on...