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Jovexx’s meteoric rise

His talent is undeniable, and though most will not forget him after his debut performance on that big stage come July 20, the Western Mirror takes pleasure in introducing the West to what may very well be the next big thing to come out of Montego Bay.

Cop shot up

A police constable is now in serious but stable condition in hospital, following a brazen gun attack on him on Sunday at Hendon, Norwood in Montego Bay, St. James, while one of the alleged attackers is now in police custody as crime fighters struggle to piece together the circumstances which could have led to the attack on the lawman. 

Suspected ‘Jarrett St. Shooter’ killed

In 2013, the police relate, Wellington was implicated in the murder of Keniel Richards in Belmont. In January of 2018, Wellington was then implicated in the murder of Kevin Lindo on McCatty Street, and in 2019, the murders of Omar Watkins and Lloyd Johnson on Barnett Street.

Double murder rocks Norwood

A case of reprisal seems to be the motive behind Friday’s killing of a man and a woman in Norwood, Montego Bay, St....

Shock and anger

“We are deeply saddened and extremely upset about the loss of our colleague and we are disturbed by the length of time it took to find him and for us to even get to this point. We know that his soul cannot rest in peace until his killer or killers are found,” the attorney said.

St. James SOE ends tomorrow, nail-biting begins

Michael Nattoo – Staff Reporter Despite the well-intentioned pleas for an extension, the decision to end the current State of...


Rats take over Railway land Barrington Flemming - Staff Reporter The St. James Health Department has...


Barrington Flemming - Staff Reporter With the island now experiencing a Dengue Fever outbreak, the St. James Health Department will...

Crash claims two

Shamir Brown With just days before Christmas, two families are left to grapple with the loss of their loved ones following...

SOPE woes ‘pile’ up

Sashane Shakes - Staff Reporter As the battle between the Public Defender and the security forces rages, a recent...