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Another bloody weekend

Michael Nattoo - Staff Reporter While still in effect, the States of Public Emergency across Western parishes, particularly in...

More murders

Crime sleuths in St. James have been kept on their toes with another three murders committed in the parish in as many days, pushing the tally closer to the 120 mark.

Jamaica The Paradise

Michael Nattoo It’s been a while since we’ve settled in and simply had a conversation, and it seems you have the time...


Western Jamaica continues to bleed, amidst cries from some quarters that the State of Emergency imposed on the region over a month ago, is ineffective.

Hanover on fire: Put out the blaze

Since the start of the year, the parish of Hanover has been under siege by criminal elements that have used the gun to kill and maim each other, sending the once quiet parish’s murder figures through the roof. Murders are taking place right across the parish and no community is exempt. However it is the Sandy Bay Division that has been seeing an upsurge in these heinous crimes. In a parish once known for its peacefulness, crime and violence have instilled fear in the general citizenry. How did the parish come to this?

Mystery death

“We are interested in having discussions with two individuals we have identified, who might have been around her throughout the course of the evening. So, investigators are now seeking to locate these individuals to have this very important discussion,” Ricketts explained.

Peace marches; crime rises

Investigators called to the scene of a three-person stabbing incident in Negirl, Westmoreland, saw 26-year-old dancer Deandra Adamson, of Cuffie’s Pen, Lacovia, St. Elizabeth, succumbing to injuries she sustained after turning down the advance of a man in a night club.

St. James SOE ends tomorrow, nail-biting begins

Michael Nattoo – Staff Reporter Despite the well-intentioned pleas for an extension, the decision to end the current State of...

Murders stain the West

Barrington Flemming - Staff Reporter The bloody start to the New Year in Western Jamaica continues to challenge crime-fighters,...

Bloody West

Barrington Flemming - Staff Reporter Six dead in five days Despite a State of Public Emergency and heightened crime-fighting measures, bloodletting continues to sweep across...