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Gangster killed

Gunman arrested The unchecked robbery spree of noted gangster, 30-year-old Roger Danville, otherwise called ‘Rasta’ of Norwood, Montego Bay, who has...

‘Ben Dung’ still active but fewer sales

Several decades ago, ‘Ben Dung’, located in the Charles Gordon Market in Montego Bay, was the place many people would go to get some...

How two homeless people found love

Often, the stories of people falling in love are littered with clichés – seeing someone across the room, or all of a sudden seeing an old friend in a new light, etc. They are many, as they are forgetful. But not the story of the Sheryl Johnson and Evan Tavares. Before the two found the love that would see them being married for over 7 years now, they were both roaming the streets of Montego Bay as homeless persons, unaware that the February of 2012 would see them tying the knot and living on their own, off the streets of the Western City.

Live painting with Mark Anthony Hill

Do something different for a change. This Saturday, come and be inspired by live painting by celebrated Jamaican artist, Mark Anthony Hill. Hill, who...

Rose Heights tense

Controversial police killings spark protest Barrington Flemming - Staff Reporter Despite the Independent Commission of Investigation, INDECOM,...

Murderous St. James

The other victims are 20-year-old Vardian Banton, otherwise called ‘Jason’ of Robert Reid Drive, Glendevon; twenty-nine-year-old Conrad Lawrence, otherwise called ‘Forty’of Belfont, Catadupa; 37-year-old Suzette Reid, vendor of Lindo’s Hill, Whithorn, Westmoreland and an unidentified man, also of Belfont.

Chinese make promises with Rhyne Park Housing

Henan Fifth Construction Group (HFC), the Chinese firm that has taken on the $8.4 billion housing development at Rhyne Park Estate in Montego Bay, has publicly made commitments not heard before from any developer.

It is now Godfrey Dyer Boulevard

Barrington Flemming - Staff Reporter Godfrey Glengoffe Dyer, Montego Bay businessman and philanthropist, had another accolade added to his collection...

Of Paradise Lost

“You need a new picture,” asserts the soft-spoken Chinese Ambassador Tian Qi, in the presence of a photograph of Ruel Reid, the embattled former education minister, hanging in the boardroom of the Montego Bay Community College (MBCC). That was not the remark of a careless diplomatic. It was a command made by a self-confident, powerful and secure diplomat who came to Montego Bay with a diplomatic pouch containing a demand of the Jamaican state to ‘protect the interest of our Chinese nationals’. This message marks the beginning of a new diplomatic relationship between Jamaica and the new imperialist on the block. The Chinese have arrived!

Cop shot up

A police constable is now in serious but stable condition in hospital, following a brazen gun attack on him on Sunday at Hendon, Norwood in Montego Bay, St. James, while one of the alleged attackers is now in police custody as crime fighters struggle to piece together the circumstances which could have led to the attack on the lawman.