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For some time now, a disaster of such calamitous proportions has been threatening that, should it ever come to fruition, future generations will wring their hands in despair and wonder how our generation, yes, our generation, could ever have ever let it occur. Their bane of contention will be the decimation of Jamaica’s Cockpit Country. A Russian aluminum giant, through its subsidiary, Noranda Jamaica, entered into a 26-year mining lease with the Government in 2004 and now fifteen years later, they want their pound of flesh. They are ready to despoil and desecrate the Cockpit Country for economic gain.

Residents up protests against Cockpit Country mining

Residents in and around the parish of Trelawny came together on Monday to increase their lobby against the proposed mining of sections of the Cockpit Country.The participants in the action are adamant that they are totally against the operations set for September and are calling on the government to rescind the go-ahead given to Noranda to mine the area deemed as Special Mining Lease173. They gathered in the southern Trelawny town of Albert Town, where persons sought to bring awareness to the challenges that they foresee will become associated with the planned mining exercise.