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St. James in fear

Davis, who is a former crime sleuth and one of the early voices in opposition to the State of Public Emergency being removed earlier this year, recalled that, “a number of us in this parish agreed that the State of Emergency that was declared in January 18, 2018 was necessary and so, the people of St. James supported it.”

Dangerous nuisance in the city

Under Section 4 of the Town Nuisance Prevention Act, there are eleven buildings in the city that have been certified by the Superintendent to be so dilapidated, they were “considered a danger to the public.”

Vendor claims victimization

Barrington Flemming - Staff Reporter Shop at Charles Gordon Market demolished In what she is calling a blatant case of victimization, well-known vendor at the Charles...

Market nears completion

Shamir Brown - Telawny Correspondent Mayor of Falmouth, Colin Gager, says despite a series of delays, the multi-million-dollar Falmouth Market should be completed by month’s...