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Murderous St. James

The other victims are 20-year-old Vardian Banton, otherwise called ‘Jason’ of Robert Reid Drive, Glendevon; twenty-nine-year-old Conrad Lawrence, otherwise called ‘Forty’of Belfont, Catadupa; 37-year-old Suzette Reid, vendor of Lindo’s Hill, Whithorn, Westmoreland and an unidentified man, also of Belfont.

Bench warrant issued for accused dildo thief

Gillette, 25, of a Granville, St. James address, was scheduled to appear before the St. James Parish Court on Monday, July 29 to answer to a charge of housebreaking and larceny, but due to his failure to attend court, presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small issued a warrant for his arrest.

27 graduate from Behaviour Change Programme

The closing out ceremony saw 27 at-risk young people from the communities of Granville and Tucker in St. James completing the programme, which was crafted to divert them from crime and violence that could potentially impact the community.

‘LOVE STRUCK’ -Teen killed in ‘accidental’ shooting

While most parents busy themselves with back-to-school preparations, family members of a 13-year-old Green Pond High student remain dead frozen in their tracks, as...

Security guard killed

Security guard, 35-year-old Anthony Phillips, an ex-soldier, was on duty safeguarding Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College in Granville, St James, but there was no one...

Granville men wanted by police

Since the declaration of the State of Emergency in St. James on January 18, five persons have been shot and killed in the Granville...

NIGHTMARE! – Teen student raped and killed

Forty-two-year-old, Valesha Vidal’s worst nightmare came to life early Saturday morning, when news broke that the life of her only daughter, 14-year-old Tianna Clarke,...


Residents fleeing their homes Within a 24-hour span, three houses in close proximity were destroyed by fire in Granville, St. James, as the violence...