Cops freed of corruption charges


Volney Barrett
Freelance Writer

Two cops were freed of corruption charges when they appeared in the St. James Parish Court last Thursday, December 14, 2017. This comes almost four years after the officers were slapped with the charges.

The cops, Detective Molcary Robinson and District Constable Clevon Heavens, had consistently maintained that they were innocent throughout the trial.
It had initially been reported that in 2014, that the two cops went to a man’s house in the Rose Heights area of St. James and ransacked it. It was further reported that a sum of money was found along with equipment used to make movies.

Reports further stated that the occupant was taken into custody under the Copyright Act, but he was later released. It was also reported by the police that the sum of money in question was not returned.
A report was made to the Anti-Corruption Branch and a subsequent investigation launched. The two were later arrested following a ruling from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.
In handing down her ruling in the matter, Judge Natalee Hart-Hines questioned the veracity of the case. Indicating that certain details did not add up, she ruled not guilty.

Detective Robinson, who was represented by Attorney-at-Law Martyn Thomas, and District Constable Heavens, who was represented by Council Adrian Dayes, were happy with the outcome.
Reacting to the ruling, Detective Robinson said: “I feel free. Watching the justice system from the other side of the fence made me realize that careful and proper investigation is needed and that as investigators, we must be confident in our actions when a report is made agaist an individual. I am grateful to Almighty God, my family and church community.”
In his reaction, District Constable Clevon Heavens said: “I’m glad it wasn’t a no case submission and happy to know that the truth has now been borne out and I am free to go get on with my life.”
Both policemen are now awaiting the completion of administrative procedures to be reinstated.


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