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    Jodi-Ann Blair

    Poverty is a crime and so is being born black!!! I was advised that there was a stop order in place by JPS officials so why is there now a spin on this story. JRC needs to be forward with the shop owners of the People’s Arcade and let us know what their true intentions are. The arcade has been in operation for over 20 years and there was never an issue until today. I am of the belief that the People’s arcade is located in a prime spot and the property is needed for some major investment and this is why we are getting the run around so that we can get frustrated and leave. This is people’s livelihood at stake here! How are we suppose to operate our businesses without electricity? There are decent law abiding citizens that operate businesses in the arcade and should be treated as such.
    Mr Fitzroy Williams, we implore you to do due diligence. WE DESERVE BETTER!


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