Cop foils robbery


It was high drama in Montego Bay yesterday morning (Tuesday, September 19) as a Traffic cop came in for high praise and commendation, after he chased, shot and injured an alleged thief along Strand Street.

The robber’s alleged crony was reportedly caught and beaten by civilians, who gave a hand to the ‘cowboy cop’, who relentlessly pursued the wrong doers.

The chase started along the busy and congested Howard Cooke Boulevard, before climaxing along another popularly used area, Strand Street.


According to an alleged eyewitness, the men carried out a robbery in the vicinity of the Howard Cooke Boulevard before attempting to flee the scene.

The Western Mirror was told that the policeman, who was carrying out traffic duties at the stoplight along Howard Cooke Boulevard in the vicinity of the LOJ Complex, realized what was taking place and gave chase.

It is reported that as the two alleged robbers ran through the Craft Market in a bid to elude the lone cop, he managed to corner one as he emerged on Strand Street and shot him.

His fellow robber was then nabbed by citizens who proceeded to beat him.

This news entity understands that the men had robbed someone who was on their way to the bank to make a lodgment.  The money was reportedly recovered.



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