Shelf-packer brutally murdered on the job

Ocielle Hall

Michael Nattoo
Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, August 16, moments before he was killed, 22-year-old shelf-packing assistant, Ocielle Hall, stood face to face with his killer, unaware that just a second later, he would be tragically ambushed in his place of work.

When the first bullet rang out in the busy shopping mall along Great George Street, Sav-la-Mar, women, children, and other consumers scampered away from danger, as Hall plummeted helplessly to the floor with a lone gunman standing over him. There, he was ravaged by a barrage of bullets, taking three to the head, killing him on the spot. The gunman then casually left the area.

All this was observed from the leaked surveillance footage of Hall’s demise making the rounds on social media.

The incident, which took place at 10:57 a.m., evidenced by the time-stamped footage, drew scores of shocked residents along the busy Great George Street, with many expressing their disbelief that such an event unfolded at peak hours, a sentiment shared by Lanford Salmon, Superintendent of Police in charge of the Westmoreland Division

“I have very serious concerns about people being shot in broad daylight, in Savana-la-Mar and its environs,” the newly-installed Superintend told this newsroom. “Such acts are clear and total disrespect for the rule of law, and we will have to come up with tactical solutions to put a stop to these kinds of incidents in Westmoreland.”

In the revealing interview with Superintendent Salmon, this newsroom was informed that Hall, the victim of the brazen attack, was before the court on murder charges, and preliminary detective work is indicating that his death may have been a reprisal.

“Hall was before the court on murder charges, and there’s reason to believe that this may be a reprisal killing,” Salmon offered, when quizzed as to what could have triggered this attack.


Though the reactions from residents indicate genuine shock and disbelief on their part, additional information gleaned from Superintendent Salmon revealed a disturbing trend of collaboration between local and migrant criminals in the recent murders that have taken place around those regions.

“A major challenge for the police trying to combat these crimes, based on what we have picked up, is that most of these murders (in the city) are being carried out by migrant criminals, who are contracted by local criminals,” Salmon explained, adding that murderers moving from one parish to the next make it particularly difficult for the police to track them.

When quizzed as to how he intends to curtail the spiraling lawlessness, Salmon revealed a segment of his plan. “Right now, we’ll just have to continue to target those criminals that are known to us, and continue to keep the pressure on them, just until we can gather sufficient evidence to bring them before the courts,” the Superintendent explained.

In an effort to calm the rattled nerves of residents in the area, Salmon had this to say: “…I am imploring our residents to be calm, as we the police believe that we can deal with this situation. Just continue to remain calm, and let the police do their jobs,” the top cop concluded.

Hall, who originated from Church Lincoln, Grange Hill, was residing in New Market Oval when he was killed, and despite suspicions of reprisal, the police are yet to officially declare a motive for his killing.


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