‘SADAM’ killed, Whitehouse rejoices

Sadan 'Sadam' Mullings

Michael Nattoo – Staff Reporter

  • Eyewitness accounts of the death of Westmoreland’s Most Wanted

The 96 rounds of ammunition, an UZI Sub-Machine gun, and a Glock pistol, are all that remain of the murderous life of Sadan ‘Sadam’ Mullings, the 25-year-old who, with just five more murders, would have averaged one person killed for every year he had been alive.

He was killed on Saturday, July 22, after he brazenly challenged the police in the now relieved community of Whitehouse, Westmoreland.

In details released by the CCU, it was revealed that Mullings, who was wanted for up to 20 murders all over Western Jamaica, fired several shots into a Police Service Vehicle during what many are describing as an intense gun battle with the Police. During that incident, several alleged eyewitnesses who spoke to the Western Mirror, revealed that the standoff between Mullings and the police saw “… close to 500 bullets being fired.” And, though Mullings managed to have a bullet lodged in the vest of one of the officers, he would not survive the concerted efforts of law enforcement and sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

He died on the spot.

When the Western Mirror visited the community, several individuals claiming to be eyewitnesses, amidst their celebrations, did not hold back in expressing their account of the incident, as well as their joy that Mullings was finally removed.


“Mi seh a bout 500 gunshots dem buss mi boss,” one resident said. “When mi look, mi see a yute run from round di beach, and run off. A up a di square dem kill him sah,” he added. The resident further revealed to the Western Mirror that with Mullings being their parish’s Most Wanted, he was excited to know that he would no longer be able to wreak havoc in the lives of members of the usually peaceful seaside community. “We are fishermen, that’s the kind of people we are, we do not like criminals. Most days after finishing work, sometimes after 3 in the morning, we have to be unusually careful for fear that some of these criminals will rob us. To know that the Police took him down, we are happy,” he related.

Though most residents are happy that the threat of Mullings has been removed, many expressed to the Western Mirror that despite the progress, work was clearly not done.

“I feel very good about it man, very good,” another resident expressed. “But we want to continue to keep the community clean. We are happy the Police were able to accomplish this,” he relayed. He went on to explain that community members have generally done a good job of keeping the community’s relatively crime-free image intact, and sent a message to other members to keep up the work they have been doing. “I wanna tell all a di people dem fi just keep calm and keep the corruption outa the community, you know? It’s going good already, we just need to keep it up.”

One man, who was very vocal in his support of the actions of the Police, had this to say: “Dem fi dead man, dem fi dead. A so dem love run weh come a we place when things get hot,” he explained, citing that his only regret was that more of his [Mullings] cronies were not with him at the time, so they could have been cut down too. “All a dem fi dead. I love it,” he reasoned.

One woman, who was visibly ecstatic at the news, could not contain her joy as she spoke to the Western Mirror. Through excitement and laughter, the woman, who claims to have been in the area when the police confronted Mullings, gave her account of things: “Yes man, I was here when it started but as soon as the bullets rang out, mi neva stick around. I was running and shouting because I wasn’t sure what was happening.” She expressed, however, that after moving to safety and learning what caused the ruckus, she couldn’t be happier that it happened. “We don’t tolerate criminals here, so anytime dem dead, the others should know that that is what will happen if they come here.”

The list of individuals who flocked to the Western Mirror claiming to be eyewitnesses seemed to be without end, but one resident in particular felt that for a time, he thought the police were after him, and also revealed that earlier that day, he saw and interacted with Mullings.

“When mi see the police dem a come, mi swear seh a mi dem did a come after, so mi hurry up and hide the spliff [weed] mi did a smoke,” he explained, “only fi see dem run pass mi and a go after di yute.” He further revealed that earlier that day, he had seen Mullings sitting on the beach and had greeted him, not knowing who he was. “To how di man look, if him did ask mi fi 50 dollars, mi woulda give him. He looked like a simple yute, but it’s good to know he was caught.”

In an incident during which the Police were attacked with a hand grenade earlier this year, investigations would later pinpoint Mullings as being responsible for that attack.

With this most recent success, the Westmoreland Police are energized and are continuing their search for the other Wanted Men who have taken refuge in the parish, and are responsible for some 77 murders.


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