St. James continues to bleed

Ranique Nash
  • 12 shot, 7 fatal

Even with the anticipated introduction of the Zones of Special Operations, ZOSO, hoodlums continue to spread fear in the blood-stained St. James with a reported twelve persons shot, seven fatally, over a four-day period, Friday through to Monday.

The murdered have been named as 16-year-old Tajay Haughton, a man known only as ‘Kevin’, 29-year-old Ranique Nash, a farmer of Orange District, 22-year-old Kemar Lewis, labourer of Garden Crescent, Granville, 24-year-old Tavon Davis of Providence, Flanker, 24-year-old Dwayne Russell, a labourer also of Flanker as well as an unidentified man.


In the most recent incident, Haughton and ‘Kevin’ were gunned down in the volatile Salt Spring community, while three other persons, including a female, remain hospitalized.

The deadly shooting occurred shortly after 3:40 p.m. on Monday afternoon.

According the Montego Hills Police, the men and woman were at a popular area in the community when a group of men, armed with high-powered weapons, AK-47’s and M-16’s, opened gunfire at the group.

The five were shot. ‘Kevin’ died on the spot, while Haughton succumbed to his injuries at hospital. The other three were admitted.

Head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s, JCF, Corporate Communications Unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, says the security forces have increased their presence in the community since the incident.

Lindsay also declared that investigations are ongoing to determine the motive for the attack.

In Granville, detectives say they are probing the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of Kemar Lewis on Gunns Drive on Monday.

The Police report that just after 10 in the morning, Lewis was doing construction work when he was pounced upon by unknown assailant/s who opened gunfire, hitting him several times.

The Police were alerted and he was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The mayhem began at the start of the weekend with Davis of a Flanker address killed along a section of Hart Street in Montego Bay. 

About 9:40 p.m., Davis and another man were walking along the roadway when armed men approached and opened gunfire, hitting them. The Police were summoned and Davis was seen with gunshot wounds to the neck and head. 

The other man managed to flee the scene and was assisted to the hospital by citizens where he was admitted in serious condition.

Information gleaned is that Davis, who was a regular visitor to the area, had been embroiled in a heated argument with another man before he was gunned down.


In the meantime, a man is reportedly in the custody of the police following Friday night’s murder of 29 year-old farmer Ranique Nash, otherwise called ‘Ikkaey’ in Tank Hill District, Sign Orange. 

According to police reports, about 10:22 P.M., police responded to explosions heard in the area. On their arrival, Nash, who would have turned 30 next month, was found in the passenger side of his motor car with gunshot wounds.

He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

His grief-stricken mother told the Western Mirror that her late son was at home reprimanding his younger brother when he received a phone call and left. It is further understood that mere seconds after he left the house, explosions were heard.

Peggy Graham recanted that after hearing the gunshots, they ran out of the house towards the lane where Nash had been, but were forced back into the house by gunshots which came their way.

She said the family also heard sounds of a vehicle leaving the scene.

She further revealed that after a brief wait, they went out and found Nash slumped down across the passenger side of his Toyota motorcar with gunshot wounds.

The mother said her son’s licensed firearm and an undisclosed sum of money and his wallet were also taken.

Peggy said her son leaves behind a 2 year-old son.

Elsewhere, Russell, of Flanker, was shot and killed and another man shot and injured by unknown assailant/s in Coral Gardens, St. James, on Saturday, July 22.

Reports obtained from the Coral Gardens Police are that about 12:35 p.m., police responded to explosions in the area. Upon their arrival, Russell and the other man were found with several gunshot wounds. They were taken to hospital where Russell succumbed to his injuries, and the other man was admitted in stable condition.


Meanwhile, the Mount Salem Police are investigating the death of an unidentified man, whose body was found in the upscale West Gate Hills community on Saturday, July 22.

The body was cladded in a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

Reports are that about 6:38 a.m., a resident found the body on a dirt track with what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body.

The Police were alerted, the crime scene was processed and the body removed to the morgue.


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