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    Wow! Beyond sad. HEARTLESS!
    What’s more important? Shouldn’t she be rewarded for her intelligence? None of the other students should even have been reprimanded for this, far less her, given her struggle.
    Plus let’s remember this issue is rooted in white men’s efforts to control black people. As recent events show, no matter how you dress up, even that won’t create opportunities in the system unless you want to be working for someone in a menial job your whole life.
    Black people must learn from the Bill Gates experience and stop forcing artificial standards on our kids. They want us compliant and obedient – dress like this, wear your hair like that, sit this way, walk this way. That’s really how they control us.
    Being polite and dressing white certainly hasn’t stopped us from getting killed like an animal by the white system.
    We let soooooo much fuckery pass under the guise of manners, good breeding, civility and hospitality.
    We still toeing the same old line waiting on them to move it for us!!


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