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    Zandrea Banton

    This is fake news. Why are they using anonymous sources? How do we know that those “quotes” aren’t made up? Why does the writer seem so sympathetic to Mr. Rowe? Why did they only speak to individuals who align themselves with Mr. Rowe? Did they seek to speak to anyone who could give another perspective?The article says that Mr. Rowe does no put up with their (teachers’) slackness. What “slackness”? Where is the proof of this so called “slackness”? I am a teacher at CC, I know of no “slackness” coming from my colleagues and I am definitely not a “slacker”! Teachers have been spotted downtown during school hours. Was this during their lunch period? Was this during class time when the teacher should be teaching? Where are the specifics? Do you realize how disgraceful this makes us, as professionals look? To have the local newspaper painting us in such an odious light? I find this extremely upsetting. The article is riddled with factual inaccuracies and biases and I believe that, in the court of public opinion, CC teachers will now be seen as incompetent, unprofessional and troublesome and that is far from the truth. This article makes me sick to my stomach…


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