One Last Ride

Aldene Malcolm

Michael Nattoo and Noelita Lawrence – Staff Reporters

An accident-damaged bike, fond memories of him coming home on Sundays for dinner, and a gaping hole left in the hearts of those who loved him, are the only reminders left of Aldene Malcolm, who would have been 22-year-old this month. His mother, Angela Thorpe, now bears the weight of those memories all alone, as she recalls to the Western Mirror, the details of the tragic accident, which claimed his young life.

“I last saw him around midday Thursday (June 15), mere hours before he died,” said a tearful Thorpe, who wouldn’t have guessed that would have been the last time she would see her son alive. Thorpe’s abundant love for her son was clearly evident, as it derailed her efforts to continue telling the story. “I love him so much,” she said in between sobs, “he’s my heart, my everything. His laughter and smiles will be really missed.”

Thorpe remembers of her son, the times he would come by on Sundays for dinner: “He will be missed by everyone; he was a well-loved boy, and although he never lived with me, he would always come by, especially on Sundays for his dinner.” The 21-year-old Malcolm, who lived in the middleclass community of Albion Heights, made it a regular part of his activities to visit his mother, who resided in Kempshot. The last of those trips, however, came eight hours before his demise, when he gave his mother a ride to ‘Clock’ on his motorbike. Expecting nothing out of the ordinary, the two parted ways – Thorpe, for home, and Malcolm, about his business, which would ultimately see him returning to work at the Hilton Hotel the following day.

After being at work on the fateful Thursday, he was not to complete the journey home from work.


While riding along the Rose Hall main road, on his way from work, Aldene was reportedly hit by a Marksman bus travelling in the same direction. It is further understood that the young rider, who was the pride of his mother, died at hospital after receiving multiple head and chest injuries.

The 21-year-old was said to be aboard his fully registered ‘Jancrow’ bike heading towards Montego Bay when the accident happened.

Thorpe has not been the same since facing the news, who would break down crying whenever she replays the details in her head. However, family members support her through this trying time. “When I break down, my twin sister, (his aunt), would say ‘don’t cry because Aldene would not want to see you sad, he loved when you were happy and smiling’” she revealed, speaking from the pain that still engulfs her heart.

His mother told the Western Mirror that to date, no police has given her any details of what has happened, only requesting the documents for the bike which she says she has already turned over.

“The bus and the bike park up at the Coral Gardens Police Station until now; only that much me know right now, but me no hear anything else,” she noted.

This news entity tried to get an official report on the incident, but was told that no record of the crash was available.

His distraught mother is seeking answers as she mourns her beloved wash-belly. 


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