Bench warrant issued for accused dildo thief


A bench warrant has been issued for Garcia Gillette, the St. James man accused of breaking into a woman’s house and stealing her dildo.

Gillette, 25, of a Granville, St. James address, was scheduled to appear before the St. James Parish Court on Monday, July 29 to answer to a charge of housebreaking and larceny, but due to his failure to attend court, presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small issued a warrant for his arrest.

The incident reportedly took place on January 19, 2019 sometime after 3:30 p.m. after the woman locked her two-bedroom dwelling house in Granville and left.

Her son returned home from school and saw Gillette inside and left immediately to call his mother. The woman could not gain access upon her arrival at the premises as Gillette had bolted a latch on the inside.

Gillette was later seen at the side of the house and fled upon seeing the complainant.

She managed to gain entry, and upon entering her room, she noticed a black handle ratchet knife that did not belong to her, a Slam condom, as well as her underwear and a bottle of Essence Oil. She also noticed that her dildo was missing.

The police were alerted and while they were at the premises, Gillette returned to the premises and was chased and held. He was found in possession of a pink object resembling a penis, which the woman identified as belonging to her.


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