Top Boy gets government scholarship

D’Shaun Fletcher, Top Boy from Howard Cooke Primary and recipient of a government scholarship

Rashaun Stewart -Summer Intern

The top-performing boy from Howard Cooke Primary has secured a government scholarship for the pursuit of his secondary-level education. Hailing from the community of Tucker, twelve-year-old D’Shaun Fletcher obtained a score of 353.4 in the 2019 staging of the inaugural Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examinations. That particular score is reportedly the highest obtained by any male student from the county of Cornwall.

The young scholar’s father, Rohan Fletcher, was ecstatic. “I felt good. I was really looking for something like that. I was saying to myself that my boy did excellently well and I didn’t really see any other male student doing as well as he did in this western region. The principal assured me that he should get a government scholarship. So, when I got the call, I wasn’t very surprised. I had dropped him at orientation at Herbert Morrison and right after I dropped him off, I got the call that he had gotten a government scholarship.”

Herbert Morrison Technical High School was the school of his choice, due largely to the Science and Mathematics programmes that it boasts. D’Shaun believes that his aspirations will be actualized while he is at Herbert Morrison Technical High. He served as Head Boy of Howard Cooke Primary, was an avid participant in the Science and Environmental Club and was involved in the Music Club during his tenure at the primary-level institution.

Rohan is convinced that the level of excellence that his son has thus far displayed will persist while his son is enrolled at the secondary level. He also believes that the guidance and support that D’Shaun has received from family and well-wishers alike will continue henceforth.

“I would like him to continue on the same path. He’s a diligent young man, you know. His priority is his schoolwork,” Rohan told the Western Mirror. “He always had excellent grades and he never gave any form of trouble. He even served as the Head Boy of Howard Cooke Primary so that should indicate the standard he holds himself to.”

There are several stakeholders who contributed to the success that D’Shaun has attained. Of these stakeholders, Paul and Michelle Robinson both played particularly important roles. They assisted D’Shaun in conducting his preparations for the PEP exams and played an integral role in motivating him in all his pursuits.

“In terms of academics, if someone beats D’Shaun, then they’re good. I have to give him his credit for that. I also must say thanks to Doctor Paul Robinson and his wife Michelle Robinson from Westgate Hills. They were very helpful and they supported us all the way throughout,” Rohan added.


D’Shaun aspires to a career in medicine and has a long-standing history of being a diligent, assiduous worker. Rohan insisted that his son dedicates himself assiduously to the pursuit of all his goals and makes no compromises when it pertains to education. The proud father affirmed that D’Shaun has always excelled academically and makes it a point of his duty to prioritize education above all else. This attitude, Rohan revealed, has served him well in all of his endeavours and he believes that if he maintains this attitude then there will be nothing that can stop him on his quest. 

“My son is the kind of guy that focuses on academics. If he gets homework, then he will focus solely on that homework. He studies hard and he’s always doing well. His behaviour is perfect and he is not a child that will give any trouble. He’s always in his books and that’s why he’s achieved what he has.”


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