Shynetyme and LA Lewis set to collaborate

Montego Bay singjay, Shynetyme

MGN/Alan Lewin

LA Lewis, the man known for his many iconic moments on, and even before the prominence of social media, has taken an interest in Montego Bay-born female DJ, Nordia Noble, more popularly known as Shynetyme.

The LA Lewis effect is almost instant, as Shynetyme has once again been thrust into the spotlight, and is enjoying the perks of being sought after by ‘7 Star General’.

Noble, who hails originally from the Salt Spring community, is no stranger to the music scene. In fact, dancehall fans will remember Shynetyme from her days participating in the popular Magnum Kings and Queens competition, where she constantly wowed with her performances. Though that year, 2017, Noble didn’t win (Suspense, another contestant, took the honours), astute observers could tell that she was destined for the music scene. She expressed to the Western Mirror, “ That show (Magnum Kings and Queens) put my career in the lime light, and I have no regrets entering that contest. It’s what most people know me from.”

Riding on that wave, she has since released a number of tracks, slowly gaining some traction in the dancehall arena. ‘Clean To We Step’, ‘ Firm and Strong’, and ‘We Love’, all produced by the Crazy Dawg record label,  are keeping Shynetyme’s name on the lips of her growing fan base, and she has other projects cooking. Combine that with her pending collaboration with LA Lewis and most certainly, she’s set to make some noise in what has been a typically quiet scene for local female artists.

There are currently plans afoot to have Shynetyme go on a mini tour in Canada and USA in the latter parts of the 2019.


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