Rajay Gayle

A horrific vehicular collision on the Point main road in Lucea, Hanover, last Thursday, June 27, claimed the life of hotel worker Rajay Gayle, a resident of Cauldwell district in Green Island.

Reports are that about 3:30 p.m., a black and red motorcycle driven by Gayle, collided with a Toyota Corolla motor car driven by Tevin Williams, a bartender from Montpelier. The collision occurred due to Gayle overtaking a bus that was in his path at a particular section of the Point main road. This action took him directly into the path of the incoming car driven by Williams, causing the two vehicles to collide. 

Eyewitness reports and subsequent observations by the respondent team suggest that Williams’ motor car was travelling from Lucea and heading in the direction of Montego Bay, while Gayle was heading in the opposite direction. Gayle and Williams were the only injured parties in the wake of the collision. Williams sustained only superficial injuries that were limited specifically to his face. He received treatment at the Noel Holmes Hospital and was discharged later.

Gayle’s death occurred due to gruesome injuries he suffered during the collision. His right arm was severed from his body at the shoulder and thrown several feet away, while his right leg was broken in multiple places.



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