Cop arrested for killing wife

Jennifer Hardy Lawrence

Shamir Brown

“Mi love di whole a unu enuh, but dis a di last time you a hear mi voice. Mi wife… a torment mi life… she a torment mi. Mi go a station last night go file a report and dem come from mawnin a talk to di woman, and she come lick off mi door fi money…and dis mawnin mi affi kill har. Mi sorry, but a so it go….”

In a voice note allegedly forwarded to his colleagues, those were the chilling words of the Falmouth-based police officer who, on Tuesday morning, killed his wife following an extended dispute, and is now in police custody.

According to information reaching this newsroom, the lawman was reportedly home on Tuesday morning when around 10 o’ clock, a dispute developed between himself and his wife. Further reports are that shortly after the dispute erupted, several explosions were heard in their Tower Isle, St. Mary home. After lawmen were alerted and descended upon the scene, 45-year-old Jennifer Hardy Lawrence was found suffering from gunshot wounds.

She later succumbed to her injuries.

The officer in question, who was reportedly still on the scene when other officers arrived, was taken into custody by the Prospect Police, where he is now being held.

Members of the Trelawny Police Division were said to be left bewildered following the tragedy, with some expressing that they did not expect this. One co-worker, however, who spoke on condition of anonymity, shared that perhaps the stress that officers face daily because of the nature of their jobs could have led to the shooting.

Other unconfirmed reports by people claiming to be close to the couple suggest that the conflict could be one long in the making, as the couple was said to be experiencing a number of internal issues.

Despite no clear motive being expressed for the shooting, the circulating voice note, if verified to be that of the officer in question, could provide investigators with some much-needed insight into what led to the fatal encounter.

The officer, who is said to be ranked at Detective Corporal, reportedly had responsibilities for the Proactive Investigations Unit in the parish, and was also said to be doing a good job.

He is said to have held other posts in the parish and one point, was stationed at the Wakefield Police Station. Investigations continue.


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