Blood stain

Burnette Marston, o/c ‘Blood Stain’ who was killed in Hopewell on Monday

Barrington Flemming/Craig OatesStaff Reporter

The spiraling cases of murder in Western Jamaica continue to prove a major challenge for crime-fighters with blood continuing to stain the region.

Violence-producers claimed the lives of three men, with the dead being identified as 35-year-old fisherman, Burnette Marston, otherwise called ‘Blood Stain’ of McQuarrie, Hopewell, Hanover; 38-year-old Joel Fraser, cook shop operator of Dalling Street, Westmoreland, and an unidentified man in St. James.

Reports to the Western Mirror are that at about 5:30 Monday afternoon, Marston was walking along the Aston King Highway in Hanover, from the fishing beach towards Hopewell with a strong of fish in his hand. On reaching the intersection at the Pond Piece main road, he was approached by an unknown man who was armed with a gun.

Marston reportedly ran and the man chased him and fired several shots in his direction, sending several persons who were in the area scampering for covering.

Marston, who received two shots to the head, was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. The gunman is said to have escaped on foot.

And, Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Sheridan Samuels, in deploring the latest shootings in the parish, called on the Police to take the necessary actions to ensure that the criminal elements involved in the shootings be brought to justice.


Meanwhile, in the neighbouring parish of Westmoreland, gun crimes continue to keep investigators busy, with the murder of one man and the shooting and wounding of another in separate incidents in the parish between Sunday and Monday. 

One firearm was also taken into police custody.

Information gleaned by the Western Mirror is that about 6:55 p.m. on Sunday at Hatfield, Fraser was among a group of men at his cook shop, when a motorcycle rode up with two men aboard and stopped.  The men alighted from the motorcycle brandishing handguns. They opened fire hitting Fraser.

He was taken to the Savanna-la-Mar General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

And, still in Westmoreland, a man is now nursing a gunshot wound to the mouth after a tussle between another man and himself at his home in Truro, Frome on Monday. 

 Reports indicate that at 10:55p.m., the man was about to open the front door to his house when a man known to him approached pointing a gun at him.

The man reportedly ran to the side of the house and the gunman gave chase and caught up with him and shot him in the mouth.

A tussle ensued and the wounded man wrestled the gun from the other man and ran to a nearby house to seek refuge. He was later accompanied to the police station and then taken to the hospital where he was admitted and treated.


Meanwhile, crime sleuths in St. James are still to identify the body of man who was shot and killed at a party in Tucker on Saturday while another man is in hospital nursing gunshot wounds.

The dead man is of dark complexion, medium build, 165 centimetres (5 feet 5 inches) in height and appears to be in his latest twenties. The deceased also has a round face and a low haircut, and was clad in grey T-shirt with the word ‘Vendetta’ written on the front, black jeans with a black belt and cream shoes.

Reports from the Granville Police are that about 11:40 p.m., persons were at a party in the vicinity of a shop in the community when several explosions were heard. The Police were called and on their arrival, the now deceased was found lying face-down in the shop; he had been shot several times.

The injured man was found nearby. He was assisted to the hospital, where he was admitted for treatment.


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