Suspected ‘Jarrett St. Shooter’ killed

Kayon ‘Scatta’ Wellington, who the police said was the leader of the Dean’s Lane Gang operating out of Montego Bay
  • Said to be leader of Dean’s Lane Gang

Michael Nattoo – Staff Reporter

Following a bullet-filled confrontation with men in Belmont, St. James, on Tuesday, March 12, the police are reporting that one of two men killed – 36-year-old Kayon Wellington, was the reputed leader of the St. James-based Dean’s Lane Gang, and was responsible for a number of murders and robberies in and around the parish.

The police are also reporting that Wellington, who is otherwise called ‘Scatta’, was also involved in Sunday’s (March 10) high-profile double murder and multi-million-dollar robbery along Jarrett Street, in which Hawkeye security guard, Canute Earle, and 41-year-old Floyd Wilson, were killed.


Despite some residents protesting Wellington’s death, the police are maintaining that they got the right man. According to the lawmen, Wellington’s criminal exploits date as far back to 2003, when he was fingered as a person of interest for crimes involving murders, shootings, and wounding with intent.

In 2013, the police relate, Wellington was implicated in the murder of Keniel Richards in Belmont. In January of 2018, Wellington was then implicated in the murder of Kevin Lindo on McCatty Street, and in 2019, the murders of Omar Watkins and Lloyd Johnson on Barnett Street.


According to information reaching this newsroom, targeted raids were carried out across the parish for illegal firearms, wanted men and persons of interests, which included Wellington. Intelligence led the lawmen to a two-storey dwelling house in the Belmont community, where two men allegedly challenged the officers. After receiving backup, according to reports, the lawmen were able to gain control of the situation, and after the shooting subsided, two men were found suffering from gunshot wounds, one of whom was Wellington.

Wellington’s house in Belmont, St. James, the scene of the alleged shootout with the police on Tuesday

The men were transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.


Even as the lawmen remain confident that their intelligence-gathering efforts correctly led them to Wellington, some Belmont community members are expressing dissatisfaction in what they believe was the unwarranted slaying of an innocent man.

“I was here washing and a get up mi get up fi throw weh di waata,” began one resident who spoke to the Western Mirror on condition of anonymity. “When mi look down there – because his (Wellington) house faces mine so I could see over there, mi see a man lean up pon the side of the house.” The resident reportedly alerted her husband to what she had seen, and not long after, police had surrounded the house of the deceased.

“The whole yard was surrounded by police,” the resident confirmed, adding that by that point, she made her way to the front of her house to closer observe what was happening. “I told my mother, and the guys who were out by the front, that police had surrounded Kayon’s house, but before I could finish, mi hear a barrage a gunshots… mi cyaa believe seh police just come kill di pickney suh!”

She continued: “If him do something, carry him gwaan a jail – a man is innocent until proven guilty, so carry him gwaan a prison.” The resident further shared that security personnel soon flooded the community, and were asking persons to return to their homes. It was further revealed that a basic school that was close by had to halt its activities and had its students lie on the ground, until the area had been fully secured by the lawmen.

“A dem come wid di bag a shooting because even one a di man dem wa dem kill was a man of unsound mind, him head nuh good and dem kill him,” she concluded.


“A work mi deh and mi get di call seh police come shoot him” a female cousin of the deceased shared. “We neva have no incident in the community, so mi surprise seh police come in here, raid a house and shoot a man (Wellington) inna him bed when him a sleep.”

She further explained that Wellington bought and sold cars, and had been relatively immobile since he was previously shot in an incident with the police – a matter which was before the court. “Right now, we sad, we hurt and we in pain. Him a neva somebody weh give trouble, a somebody weh always stay in and deh pon him phone… so right now, mi just nuh know.”

The incident reportedly took place around 2:18 p.m.


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