J-Go D Styla wants to follow Chronixx’s footsteps

J Go D Styla

Michael Nattoo/Alan Lewin

It is almost an understatement to say that now more than ever, breaking onto the entertainment scene, particularly in music, is hard. When it’s not an issue of just an abundance of copycats, there is the issue of simply an oversaturation of talent. But Akheem Spence is not daunted by any of that. In fact, the diligently working musical artiste has his sights set high, and walking in the footsteps of Chronixx, he believes, will get him there.

The young artiste, who goes by the name J-Go D Styla, is unwavering in his commitment to be a conscious addition to the rapidly expanding music industry. Spence is more than just an admirer of the Grammy-nominated Chronixx’s work. He emulates the Spanish Town crooner’s work, and though there are elements that connect both their styles, Spence is unmistakably unique. And in the years to come, that originality will be the wings beneath the young artiste’s wings.

Originally from St. Ann’s Bay, Spence relocated to Montego Bay in search of greener pastures, and it seems that move is paying off. What was initially a move for survival has turned into an opportunity for growth for J-Go, and he has seized it, and has become more dedicated to his craft. For this, Spence is grateful to his uncle, Ronique Edwards, who encouraged the talented artiste to come to MoBay to better his odds of making it big time. His life was made better for it.

Spence knows he will have to pay his dues until he has reaped the success he so desires, so until then, J-Go is embracing another talent – that of being a barber. A testament to Spence’s habit of always giving his best in whatever pursuit he’s involved in, the profession of being a barber has seen J-Go gaining the respect and admiration of many citizens across the West, and if that is anything to go by, his focus on music should reap even greater success.

“I want to thank my road management team, Nah Bade Production, for helping me out with my career,” Spence shared. Already, he has a few singles under his belt, with more, even better projects on the way. Songs like ‘Have Better For Sure’, ‘Own A Gun’, ‘Kotch Yuh Neck’, ‘Dream Weekend’ and ‘Pagan’ are but a few of the ones that impress from J-Go’s catalogue, and all should check them out across the various platforms. Come the end of February, fans and well-wishers alike will be thrilled to know that J-Go will be shooting a video for his single, ‘Have Better For Sure’, and can expect its subsequent release to be just as impressive as the song itself.

Spence now resides in the community of Barrett Town, St. James, where he is laying the groundwork for what should be a very memorable career. For him, the goal is simple: “I don’t want to be a one-hit wonder and disappear, so I’m putting in the work now.” That’s focus, patience and ambition, which almost always result in success.


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