Help for needy patients

Ingrid Spence Phillip Green photo

Sashane Shakes – Staff Reporter

Medical expenses can be the worst to deal with sometimes and often than not, individuals and families are faced with medical dilemmas from the lack of finances to fund surgical operations to buying expensive medical aids to improve their physical conditions. And even though many people have health insurance, persons still struggle to pay for healthcare and surgeries. It is on this basis that the Regeve Cares Foundation (RCF), whose motto is “Sympathy is what you feel, Compassion is what we do”, was founded to help locals to better be able to cope with their situations by providing them with the necessary assistance, either in cash or kind.

Established on June 2 this year with seven (7) directors and four (4) advisors, RCF provides patients requiring X-ray, wheelchairs, foot braces and other personal medical equipment with the finances to assist in purchasing same or the equipment itself.

The main source of funding for the foundation comes from fundraisers, the first of which will be held on Friday December 7, 2018 at the Day O’ Plantation. The event, set to be headlined by Ernie Smith, will start off a cocktail session at 7 pm and show time at 8 pm.

However, to land other funding, Chairman of RCF, Ingrid Spence, plans on reaching out to corporate Jamaica, individuals and groups to assist in any way they can. Projects will be undertaken to obtain grants as well as written requests seeking funds from both local and international organizations.

The concept of the foundation is cemented in a path personally travelled by Spence who has sickle cell. Due to the nature of sickle cell, Spence was often in and out of the hospital where she observed the many difficulties being experienced by others, despite the severity of her situation. She saw it limiting to help one person by herself and figured it would be beneficial to assist wider Jamaica through joined efforts, and RCF allows her to do that.Individuals are being invited to become ‘Friends of Regeve’ to offer their talents, skills and abilities through volunteerism.

Also, part of the mandate is to evangelize. “At Regeve Cares, we’re not only concerned with person’s physical health, but their spiritual wellbeing as well,” said Spence. With spiritual wellness a huge pillar of the foundation, it is no wonder that the Directors are all Christians from churches including Fresh Bread Ministries, Church on the Rock, St. Michael’s Anglican Church, other Anglican churches, and churches in and around Western Jamaica, as well as island-wide.

The launch of the Regeve Cares Foundation took place on Sunday October 7, 2018, where they donated a wheelchair to a needy individual. Spence plans to create linkages among persons, institutions and missionaries in the medical field so that RCF can be a liaison, which is a part of the direction of her overall expectation of the foundation.


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