Vendor claims victimization

Vendor Arlene Palmer o/c 'Dor Dor'

Barrington Flemming – Staff Reporter

  • Shop at Charles Gordon Market demolished

In what she is calling a blatant case of victimization, well-known vendor at the Charles Gordon Market in Montego Bay, Arlene Palmer, popularly called ‘Dor Dor’, is raising serious questions as to why her shop at the market was demolished on Sunday without her being verbally informed or issued a formal written notice.

“I don’t know why my shop was demolished. I was not given a written notice, neither was it communicated to me verbally.  I don’t know if it is because I am outspoken and spoke about the mismanagement of the market. I am not getting any word from Mr. Lee, the CEO, Mrs. Pamela March or Mayor Homer Davis, who are responsible for the market”.

Miss Moore further argues that she is not in arrears, having paid $ 47,000 in April to the St. James Municipal Corporation for shop rental and has kept her account up to date, showing the receipt she paid last week for $500.

“I really need answers. No other shop was demolished or broken. So I need to know why my shop. What have I done Mr. Homer? What is the problem? I don’t give any problems and it seems like I am being targeted because I speak up about issues in the market.  I need them to pay for the goods that were destroyed and the money that I had in the shop. Saturday was a big day for sales, so I need to know about my money,” Moore contended.

It was only on the weekend that Moore and other vendors expressed concern of an alleged plan by the St. James Municipal Corporation to lease a section of the market to Chinese businessmen, which would mean that a number of shops would be demolished.

Moore alleges the Market Manager Serrio McIntosh, was intent on having her shop demolished, but she has not been able to communicate with him since Monday. Repeated efforts to contact Mr. McIntosh proved futile.

However, when contacted, Mayor Davis rubbished Moore’s claims, calling them foolishness. Responding to the demolition of the shop, he said Miss Moore had wrongfully occupied the area and was told on numerous occasions that she should not erect any structure in that section but she stubbornly disobeyed and built a shop.

“She was advised that she should not build in that area. This was not her original area, and she went overnight and constructed a shop which was blocking other’s activities. It was not sanctioned by Mr. McIntosh, neither the Commercial Services Manager Mrs. March, so on Sunday, Mr. McIntosh went and demolished the structure and packed her things to one side,” Mayor Davis explained.

Quizzed as to why then was rent being collected from Miss Moore, up to last week, Mayor Davis referred the matter to Mr. McIntosh, who up to press time, was unavailable for comment as his phone went directly to messages.




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