Where are you Lazbert Lewis?

Lazbert Lewis

It has been a painful and stressful three months for Taneisha Whyte-Lewis of Look Out district Hanover, who has not seen her husband since February 19, when he left for work at a car wash but had not returned.

Her husband,44-year-old Lazbert Lewis, left for work on the morning of Monday, February 19, dressed in an orange plaid shirt, black pants, brown shoes and a red knapsack on his back.

She waited for his return that evening but after some time, she realized something was wrong because ordinarily, he would have reached home within a certain time frame but he did not.

“I called many times but his phone went unanswered. I cried that night because when somebody goes missing these days, you assume that he could be dead,” Mrs. Whyte-Lewis explained.

She related that she went to a house owned by Lazbert at Bamboo district and discovered that everything was intact except his clothes. Following that, she went to the police station at Sandy Bay and reported him missing.

“It is a traumatic time for the family. I went to the car wash to ask for him and they said they have not seen him since February,” Whyte-Lewis said.“I was so stressed out I had to go to the hospital to get something to calm my nerves.  The police have not seen or heard anything.”

Taneisha and Lazbert, who got married two years ago, have been together for the past 15 years and are parents of a nine-year-old boy, a five-year-old girl, a triplet of two girls and a boy, who are almost two years and a ten-month-old baby girl.

Whyte-Lewis said she made contact with her husband’s relatives in Spanish Town, who are equally concerned as they have not heard or seen him.

“Lazbert’s sister even called me two days ago and she was very concerned about him. I have checked with all his friends and have been calling the phone, but I am not getting any response.  Nobody nuh see him since that time.”

She said while she was not working while he was there, she had to get a job to take care of the children and is now employed to a haberdashery in Hopewell.

“I have to do something to take care of all these little ones, so I get a little work.”

The distraught mother and wife says she does not know what else to do.

“I don’t know where he is, every day the children are asking for him. The triplet saying ‘dada’ and I look at them with tears in my eyes and say I don’t know where your dada is,” said Whyte-Lewis.



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