Chamber initiates pothole repair in Negril


Sashane Shakes

The Negril Chamber of Commerce (NCC), the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) and Dr. Carey Wallace, commenced repairs of the West End road from the roundabout to the Negril Light house that has been marred by enormous potholes, with the project amounting to little over $1.2 million.

The Chamber noted that the potholes were extremely dangerous to pedestrians, motorists and have endangered the lives of school children for some time now. The NCC admits to having tried to get the potholes fixed by the usual sources, but their efforts proved futile.

Once the NCC contacted Dr. Carey Wallace, Executive Director of the TEF, and pointed out the danger which the potholes presented – the required TEF documentation was sent, completed and returned. This initiated the undertaking to fund the project which was ultimately satisfactorily executed within a short time period and well within budget.

President of the NCC, Daniel Grizzle, in expressing his gratitude to the TEF and Dr. Wallace said, “We appreciate the speed and efficiency with which the TEF operated. Once they agreed, they didn’t take long to come to our assistance.”

The NCC stated that this little project demonstrates how they continuously strive for the best for their citizens and work with local contractors efficiently, as well as highlighting how the TEF and the NCC can work together for the betterment of the Negril community.

While the roads littered with potholes have decreased significantly, the NCC continues to fix the issues of other areas within the town by being persistent in their lobby for funding for other projects such as the implementation of better sidewalks, funding for a fruit and vegetable market, the development of the public beach park and increased road safety measures along the West End, as well as the Norman Manley Boulevard in Negril.


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