ACCP conference addresses crime

Minister of National Security, Dr Horace Chang (left) is presented with a token of appreciation from President of the ACCP, Michael A. DeSilva at the 33rd Annual General Meeting and conference of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police. The conference is being guided by the theme, “An Integrated Approach Towards Serious and Organised Crime – Implications for Regional Growth and Development.

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Delegates address the issue of crime at the 33rd Annual General Meeting and conference of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) held at the Montego Bay Convention Centre (MBCC) on Monday, April 30, 2018.

Jamaica’s Security Minister, Dr Horace Chang, acknowledged that one of the detriments of crime being faced is geographically based, as being strategically placed between North America and Latin America provides the opportunity for criminal activities.

“It’s easy to get from Latin America into North America; it’s the logical route. But while it provides opportunities for our economies, it provides huge challenges as there are opportunities for those who are involved in illegitimate activities,” stated Dr Chang.

He addressed the issue of serious crimes and organised crimes that are threatening and undermining the institution of the law, creating fear in many communities and by extension the country.

In light of the issues relating to crime being faced, Dr Chang said that it is time to take an appropriate modification to achieve an agile solution using a complex stream of networks.

He stated that the incentive approach would be to call for the skills and awareness to intercept and counter organised criminals who themselves have started their organizations, further mentioning that the collaboration with the police force has been transforming Montego Bay using modern technology available.

He maintained that the region is stronger together, including the importance of the collaboration between the commissions of police and the other stakeholders; noting that the team acting in unison is best to achieve success.

Slated to last the entire week from April 30 – May 4, the opening ceremony heard remarks from many influential forces in the police commission.

A member of the police force marches with the Jamaican flag during the flag ceremony at the 33rd Annual General Meeting and conference of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police. Delegates from the 25 ACCP member countries, other stakeholders and exhibitors from around the world are expected to be in attendance of the week-long event which is slated to last from Monday April 30 – Friday, May 4. Dignitaries seated in front are (l-r) Mayor Homer Davis, Ed. Bartlett – Minister of Tourism, Major General Anthony Anderson – Commissioner of Police and Minister of National Security, Dr. Horace Chang. -Phillip Green photos


President of the ACCP, Michael A. DeSilva pointed out that the most significant issue facing our Force and our communities is the violence of criminal gangs. “The Caribbean has disproportionate numbers of homicides that outpaces most of the rest of the world,” he continued, adding that these challenging law enforcement issues require resources and the demand of our police are increasing.

He called for a strategic plan to guide and drive the work of the ACCP, “To ensure that all the resources are being used to full effect to address the most important areas of precinct that make real differences within our communities.”

Head of the Bermuda Police Services, DeSilva, outlined the three operational areas that govern this are: to increase fighting crime, to increase order and cyber security and, to enhance police visibility; all these efforts depend on the 4th priority which is to include the ACCP business processes so they can enhance the ability to support the members and bring peace and security to the region.

The region, he maintained, is home to over 40 million people which is only a mere 1% of the world’s population. With globalisation and technological advances in the last few years, they’ve given rise to a more able policing body in areas of forensic technologies, among others, playing important roles in the police sector.

With a mandate as an international collaborative partner, the ACCP serves to help improve member capabilities and increase their capacities.

Among the delegates present were members from the different ACCP member nations, other stakeholders and exhibitors from around the world.


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