Sam Sharpe TC powers up

COMMISSIONING: All are pleased as Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College Board of Governors Chairman, Norman Reid (2nd left) and Acting Principal, Lorna Gow-Morrison (3rd left) jointly cut the blue ribbon to officially commission into service, a $6 million 60Kv generator to serve the college. They are supported by Vice Principal, Administration and Development, Marcia Thomas (left) and Vice Principal Academic, Robert Edwards (right). The unit was commissioned on campus Monday morning, February 19, 2018.

The Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College in Granville, St James, has made a significant step towards reducing dependence on the public electricity supply company and be able to function during power outages.

On Monday morning, February 19, 2018, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Norman Reid and Acting Principal, Lorna Gow-Morrison, were joined by other faculty members, administrative and support staff and students as they commissioned a 60Kv electricity generator erected on the campus at a cost OF $6 million. The cost-efficient generator uses low sulphur diesel and has the capacity to run for nine consecutive hours as it powersa block of classrooms and the college’s administrative building.

Should the need arise, with a significant reduction in the use of air-conditioning units, electricity may be supplied to a third building.

Mr Reid spoke to the significance of the generator, stating, “I think it is a great achievement, the fact that we have been able to put in this standby generator. It is not driving the entire campus initially, but this is the first step and it is our intention that with further upgrade, we will be able to go all the way to the dorms and other areas not presently served.”
Mr Reid said this was one of many infrastructural improvements taking place on the campus, among them refurbishing of the playfield and construction of a diagnostic centre which will receive its first set of students at the start of the next semester in September. The college has also approached the Universal Service Fund for funding to facilitate internet support for both the campus and access by the wider community.

Mrs. Gow-Morrison presented the generator “as a means through which we will be empowered to impact, and a means through which we will be impacted as we strive to serve you in ways that show that we care and ways that ensure that you are experiencing growth with us as we transform your lives to become better agents of transformation.”
The addition to the college’s infrastructure was also welcomed by President of the Students Guild, Roxroy Roache, who said it was long overdue, but all were now glad that it was in place to assist. He implored all to ensure it remained safe.

The commissioning was chaired by Vice Principal Academic, Robert Edwards and blessed by College Chaplain, Rev. Godfrey Francis. Also, in attendance were Vice Principal Administration and Development, Marcia Thomas and Officer for Placement and Promotions, Tania Barnes-Brown.


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