Sister kills sister

Kimberly Crawford

Noelita Lawrence
Staff Reporter

  • Taxi operator murdered

A pall of gloom now hangs over sections of Trelawny following two separate incidents in the parish, which resulted in the death of a teenage girl and a taxi operator.

On Saturday, the community of Stettin was sent into shock when a sister was stabbed to death by her sibling.

Dead is 19-year-old Kimberly Crawford, while her 23-year-old sister is hospitalized under police guard pending formal charges.

The Trelawny police indicate that at just 9 a.m. on Saturday, Kimberly and her sister, who reside in the southern section of the parish, were embroiled in a heated argument, during which Kimberly (the deceased) used a piece of glass from a broken mirror to stab her sibling several times.

Police further indicate that the elderly sister then reportedly used a knife to inflict a stab wound to Kimberly’s neck. She was rushed to the Falmouth Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

 Unconfirmed reports reaching the Western Mirror are that the sisters may have been arguing about the time Kimberly returned from an outing.

Following the stabbing the accused initially fled the scene, but later turned herself in to Ulster Spring Police, accompanied by a pastor from the area.

Police say the woman is yet to be charged as they are trying to ascertain further information into the deadly matter.

There was more bloodshed in the parish on Monday, when 31-year-old taxi operator, Ricardo Merchant, of Jackson Town, was gunned down at his home.

According to information received from the police, about 3:38 p.m., Merchant was at his home in Barnstable, when a lone gunman allegedly entered his yard and opened fire.

Merchant was struck in the back of the head. He was taken to the Falmouth Hospital where he was pronounced dead.



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