Gruesome killing marks St. James’ first murder 2018

Kiron Spence

Noelita Lawrence
Staff Reporter

St. James, the most murderous parish in Jamaica last year, has recorded its first murder for 2018, four days into the new year.

The victim is 21-year-old Kiron Spence of Farm Heights in the parish.

It was a gruesome sight which greeted investigators just off the Albion main road on Thursday morning as seasoned detectives were left speechless following the discovery of Spence’s mutilated body on a grassed area in the vicinity of prominent boys’ high school, Cornwall College.

In what could be described as a cult-like killing, Spence’s face was seemingly skinned and the throat slashed. One of his eyes was also cut out and his left hand was cut off at the wrist.

It’s understood that a resident of the Albion community stumbled on the body and alerted the police.

Police have theorized that Spence, whose mother is reportedly a teacher at a local high school and his father a JUTA tour operator, may have been killed the day before.

Superintendent in charge of operation in St. James, Gary McKenzie told the Western Mirror that early investigations have started but quickly revealed that no motive has yet been determined. He also added that the police are determined to make it a much better year for citizens of St. James as last year was a rough one. “We are determined to make it better,” he affirmed.



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